Project & Market Analysis

The Real Estate Information Centre (REIC)
REIC’s market analysis is an indispensable tool when it comes to answering questions regarding Nigeria’s dynamic real estate sector. Property transactions especially house sales are infrequent and require huge capital outlay, hence a proper project and market analysis must be conducted to answer questions like:

Where are the buyers for this property?
What best price is the market willing to accept and how long until a sale is made?
How can a property be introduced, marketed and compete favorably in the market?

The real estate industry is one highly sensitive to economic events. Changing financial times means new markets and new rules; hence the need for thorough market analysis. Developers, property owners and funding institutions will have to adapt and adjust products to suit new demand and buyers will need new investment strategies.

Top industry players in construction and real estate market have benefited from our robust market research, business intelligence and project valuation services to unveil new market opportunities and thrive in the murky waters.

REIC updates you with latest industry updates and best action plans to gain the competitive advantage you need to succeed in today’s market. We have been entrusted to carry out project appraisals and develop business plans across many sectors including construction, manufacturing and retail.