REIC continues to provide professional advice on project financing for infrastructure development especially in Nigeria. It is evident that infrastructure financing through aid and public investment has been inadequate in reducing shortage. Development challenges get worse as government commitment to delivering standard infrastructure projects wanes and resources are allocated inefficiently. Efforts should be made towards broadening sources of finance and restructuring project financing using budget as a tool. According to BudgIT, the Nigeria’s proposed 2016 budget shows Works, Housing & Power being a priority area for development projects by allocating the sum of 433.4bn; the highest amongst others. Nigeria is awakening to its infrastructure needs.

High cost of construction, delays in project delivery, poor quality of works are few of the many problems affecting Nigeria’s construction industry. High project costs are highlighted in construction of the roads, airport terminals, railways and many more. Delays in project delivery can be due to inaccurate cost estimates in project evaluation.

REIC is built on our wealth of experience in evaluating major infrastructure projects, providing financial advisory and working business plans that facilitate processes in project delivery. Our team of experienced finance and real estate research professionals are here to provide information on the best practices in the construction industry. Our service areas include project appraisals, consulting for property development and investment, financial modelling and extensive research.

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