First-time property buyers are always careful about real estate financing because it requires huge initial capital outflow which most times cannot be sourced completely from savings. Debt, what used to be highly undesirable in the past, has become one of the major sources of finance for making short term investments in property. Alongside ownership interests, working individuals are getting informed about risks of securing debt and real estate developers are ever more resourceful by partnering with financial institutions and providing flexible financial products that serve the needs of buyers.

Financial institutions have been more cooperative, providing access to funds and advisory on debt structuring to development projects both in residential and commercial property financing. The middle and high income class are well served in this regards and many opportunities exist for the lower income bracket. Realistic objectives need to be met and one of the many ways wage earners are taking advantage of loan is through co-operatives and thrift societies. Information on the best real estate deals, loan capital and interest rates can be better channelled to prospective property buyers. REIC is your personal and business guide in securing the best financially backed properties the real estate market has to offer. Our financial advisory services has helped many institutional and individual investors in taking advantage of best loan products financial institutions are able to offer. We have helped corporate bodies in leveraging on assets and better structuring in repayment of long and short term loans. Individuals and small businesses have benefitted from our grassroots research and advisory and can now acquire properties through micro-finance loans and work with realistic repayment plans that suits their financial capability.